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 Radial Piston Pumps
A High-performance, Durable and Quiet Pump Design

The Moog Radial Piston Pump is also known as RKP.
  • Significantly reduced sound level for noise-critical applications, helps machine builders to meet the European Union’s (EU) noise guideline (2003/10/EC)
  • Highly energy efficiency design saves on operating costs
  • Flexibility in implementing this product into new machine designs due to the availability of a large number of sizes, control types and mounting flanges, as well as approved versions for a variety of operating liquids
  • Improved durability, low maintenance requirements and long pump life help significantly reduce maintenance costs and encourage more uptime
  • Increased stability, even under unfavorable operating conditions
    Simplified connection for easy set-up and commissioning
  • Explosion-proof and Digital Control (RKP-D) versions available
  • Available in sizes 19, 32, 45, 63, 80, 100 and 140 cc per revolution.
  • The standard design permits continuous pressure to 280 bar [4,000 psi] with 350 bar [5,000 psi] peak limit and the high-pressure version is capable of continuous pressures up to 350 bar [5,000 psi] with 420 bar [6,000 psi] peak limit
Radial Piston Pump RKP
Catalog - Radial Piston Pump RKP-II for Low-Flammability Fluids HFA, HFB, HFC, HFD